The Rhythm Rates

Discover the pricing plans here at Starz Performing Arts Academy. Our rates are set to offer you the best in dance education. Unveil the spectacle of session and rates today.

TUITION & FEES 2023 – 2024

Monthly Tuition

30 & 45 Minutes $75
60 Minutes $80
75 Minutes $82
90 Minutes $98
Unlimited $490

Costume Fees

  • One costume payment due 11/15
  • Multiple costumes 1st payment 11/15
  • Final payment for multiple costumes 12/15

Each costume fee includes all accessories & tights

Costumes are non refundable

Fall Registration Fees

Single Student $50
Family (non refundable) $75

Monthly Tuition

  • Tuition is divided into 10 equal payments (September - June)
  • All accounts must have a form of payment on file.
  • Auto-pay will be processed on the 1st of each month
  • after 7 days a $10 late fee will be added per year in full 10% discount paid by 10/31

Due March 7, 2025

Recital Fee

Per Dancer $76
Sibling $65

The recital fee will include one recital t-shirt, digital download to all recital shows, gift for each dancer

Additional Cost

  • Recital costume pictures (optional)
  • Recital Tickets
  • Classwear
  • Dance Shoes

Dress Code

All dancers must wear proper attire & shoes for their classes
Please ask at front desk for your classes dress code

Recital fee is non-refundable

Membership fee, September and June tuition  are due at registration to secure class spot.

Non Refundable

Starz does require 30 day notice to drop!

Tuition Monthly and Cancellation Policy

At Starz Performing Arts Academy, we strive to have a transparent pricing and payment process. Check out our tuition fees and rates below:

Fall Registration Fees

  • Single student: $45
  • Family: $60
  • (Note: These fees are non-refundable)

Monthly Tuition Rates

  • 30 & 45 minutes: $69
  • 60 minutes: $72
  • 75 minutes: $82
  • 90 minutes: $93
  • Unlimited classes: $425

(Note: Tuition is billed in 10 equal monthly installments from September to June.)

Payment Policies

All accounts must maintain an updated form of payment on file.
Automatic payments are processed on the 2nd of each month.
A $10 late fee applies if payment is not received within 7 days of the due date.

Costume Fees

Single costume payment is due by November 15.
For multiple costumes, the first payment is due by November 15, with the final payment due by December 15.
Each costume fee includes all necessary accessories and tights.
(Note: Costume fees are non-refundable.)

Recital Fee

  • Due by March 8, 2023: $65 per dancer ($45 for siblings).
  • The recital fee covers a recital t-shirt, digital download of all recital shows, and a special gift for each dancer.

(Note: The recital fee is non-refundable.)

Additional Costs

  • Recital costume pictures (optional)
  • Recital tickets
  • Dance shoes and dress code items (Please inquire at the front desk for details.)

If you have any inquiries or need any assistance with financial arrangement, please contact us at the front desk. We ensure for every student to have a rewarding and accessible dancing journey.


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