Where Rising Stars Shine Bright

At Starz Performing Arts Academy, we believe in turning passion into artistry. Our dance classes for ages 5-21 are designed to let stars rise to their feets’ destiny and follow the cadence of their craft.


The Aerial Ambition

Dive into the thrilling world of acrobatics, where aerial motion meets artistry. Here at Starz Performing Arts Academy, stars defy gravity. They spin, twist and flip until their heart’s content. Our expert coaches guide you through each movement, ensuring you build strength, flexibility, and aerial awareness. This class not only elevates your gymnastic ability but also complements other dance styles, allowing you to add your own acrobatic flair to every move. 

The Ballet Bliss

Ballet Class

Twirl into the ballet bliss here at Starz Performing Arts Academy. In this class, every star develops the fundamental values of ballet, such as discipline and dedication , honing the grace of ballet. From the basis to the nuanced techniques of ballet, we build a solid foundation of balletic principles, catapulting their dancing discovery of grace, poise and fluidity of dance. 

Charm of Cheer

Cheer Dance Class

Embrace the spirit of high kicks and the cadence of cheer moves at our dynamic cheer dance classes. Here at Starz Performing Arts Academy, we let stars learn precision in every cheer position, jump and stunt, infused with the rhythm and flair of hip hop dance. Our experienced instructors create an engaging and supportive environment, letting stars defy gravity with authenticity and enthusiasm. 


Rhythmic Duo

Combination Classes of Jazz & Tap

Experience the best of both worlds with our Jazz and Tap combination classes. These sessions are split between the smooth, expressive style of Jazz and the rhythmic, precise nature of Tap. In these classes, stars get to express themselves through the dance styles of jazz then switch it up to the beat of tap. Most importantly, dancers obtain comprehensive dance education, enhancing coordination, musicality and rhythm. 

Hip Hop Haven

Hip hop Classes

Show off your power moves in our street style Hip Hop classes at Starz Performing Arts Academy. In this hip hop haven, you can pop, lock and groove while learning high-energy athleticism and street style creativity. Hop into these fresh street beats to delve into the vibrant culture of Hip Hop. 


Joy of Jazz

Jazz Classes

Jazz is more than just a dance style, every move embodies an entire generation. Get a taste of the spectacle and exciting style of jazz. From the smooth elegance of Broadway Jazz to the edgy energy of Street Jazz, here at Starz Performing Arts Academy, stars improvise their flexibility, technique and performance skills. Embark the journey towards the many facets and joy of jazz dance, where musicality meets technical precision.

Jolly Jazz

Jazz Funk Classes
Discover the funk in jazz here at Starz Performing Arts Academy. Experience the funky groove of street dance mixed with technical rigor of jazz. This fun-filled class focuses on stylized movements and rhythms that define Jazz Funk. If you’re looking to develop your technical dance skills but also want to experience the lively energy of hip hop, Jazz Funk Classes might be the answer.

Luminescent Lyrical

Lyrical/Contemporary Classes

Show emotions through motion with Lyrical/Contemporary Dance Classes at Starz Performing Arts Academy. Through fluid movements of jazz and modern dance blended with the technical precision of ballet, stars can tell in every step they take. Lyrical/Contemporary is a form of dance where technique meets passion, letting dancing divas move with depth and freedom. 


Modern Motion

Modern Dance Classes

Express your creativity in every step here at Modern Dance Classes. At Starz Performing Arts Academy, we never shy away from emotions, instead we use it to discover new ways in telling stories through movement. Starz can learn to improvise their own unique dance style to perform physical storytelling. Push boundaries from traditional dance here at Starz Performing Arts Academy. 


Drama in Dance

Musical Theater Jazz

Step into the enchanting world of theater in our Musical Theater Jazz Class at Starz Performing Arts Academy. In this class, stars learn to embody characters and convey narratives through movement. Experience the expressive movements of jazz combined with the storytelling elements of theater. Our experienced dance instructors for this class guide the students to shine in the spotlight and make their dancing dreams into a reality.

On Pointe

Pointe Classes

If you have a strong ballet foundation, then twirl your way into our Pointe Classes. At Starz Performing Arts Academy, we elevate your ballet technique with precision, strength and grace. From barre exercises to center and across-the-floor combinations, students prepare for the ethereal world of pointe dancing. Glide with grace with Starz Performing Arts Academy.

Find Your Beat

Tap Classes

Dance to the beat of your own dancing dreams here at Starz Performing Arts Academy. Our Tap Classes focus on rhythm, timing, and clarity, letting dancing dynamites express themselves with the cadence of their feet. Here at Starz Performing Arts Academy, we understand that tap dancing is not just footwork, it’s about creating music with the magic of your own two feet. Tap into your own potential and feel the beat here at our Tap Classes. 


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