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Every star has to start somewhere. Through our dynamic Preschool Program, here at Starz Performing Arts Academy, we guide youngsters to find the spark within them.

Combination Classes

Dance is the magical harmony within your body. It’s the communication between your heart and feet. Our combination classes guides your child to master this dialogue through learning the fundamentals. Youngsters learn the grace and poise of ballet and at the same time the rhythm and excitement jazz can bring. Witness your child’s imagination and movement grow through an hour of creative expression per lesson. Move through magic with Starz Performing Arts Academy.

Creative Moment

Spark your child’s creativity and imagination here at Starz Performing Arts Academy, where every step is a story. Dance is a form of storytelling told through movement. Tailored for ages 3-5, this class introduces your child to free expression while developing motor skills, flexibility and grace. Experience stories through motion as we tap into young star’s potential here in our dancing dreamland.

Hip-Hop Tumble Tots

Dance to the beat of your own drum here in our electrifying hip-hop classes. Here at Starz Performing Arts Academy, we match the energy of every child by introducing them to popping and locking action. This perfect blend of hip-hop and tumbling improves your child’s motor skills, coordination and musicality, helping them to find the rhythm in their body. Watch your child bounce, roll, and pop in a class that’s as fun as it is foundational.

Tiny Dancers Ballet

In every plié and pirouette is a step closer towards living your ballerina fantasy. Twirl in your tutus in our Tiny Dancers Ballet Class here in Starz Performing Arts Academy. Designed for children aged 2-3, this class focuses on the fundamentals of ballet, developing balance, flexibility and grace. As they learn every move with precision, they also discover the beauty and disciple of ballet. Start your ballerina journey in a nurturing and supportive environment. Through turns and spins, we can set your child’s lifelong passion for dance.

Tiny Tumblers

Flip, twist and tumble your way to finding the rhythm of your body with our Tiny Tumblers Class. Tailored for ages 2-3, we celebrate the beauty of early childhood through our fun activities. Engaging in tumbling exercises, youngsters develop motor skills, confidence and flexibility. Here at Starz Performing Arts Academy, we don’t just ensure the fun in our classes but also the safety of your child while they learn to discover what their body can do. Watch your little ones as they grow their love of movement.


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