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Move through magic with our state-of-the-art spectrum of classes open for all ages. We turn dancing dynamites into shining stars. Join the rhythm revolution today.


For over 26 years, Starz Performing Arts Academy has been a home for dancing divas. Our comprehensive curriculum aims to make amateur talents into a pro, stepping into the symphony of confidence, discipline and character. With our vibrant community and experienced instructors, we make sure that every student shines bright like a star.

Our Classes

Discover the dancing dreamland in an academy that not only nurtures your child’s potential but also creates a gateway towards stardom. With a mission of movement, our diverse spectrum of dance classes in Starz Performing Arts Academy build confidence, discipline and leadership skills that go beyond the world of dance.


Sway your way into our dynamic Preschool dance program, tailored for youngsters ranging from aged 2-5. These classes are a perfect playing field of dancing discovery to develop motor skills, flexibility and precision.

Aged 5-21

As dancers grow, they need a curriculum that transcends their dancing abilities to greater heights. Our comprehensive classes offer advanced ballet techniques, expressive forms of lyrical, contemporary and jazz funk tailored to master the art of movement.


Twirl your way to the top with our competition teams which offer a platform for stars to shine bright and showcase their talent from regional to national level. It’s not about winning, it is about harnessing the power of teamwork while sharing the spotlight.


"My 3 yr old recently tried a trial class and LOVED it! I had very low expectations as she can take some time to warm up to new situations and has some separation anxiety. But there were no tears and she came out of her class with a huge smile and told me she had so much FUN! We signed her up for the weekly classes and the staff was very kind to offer her a spot in the recital even though we signed up late in the year. I’m looking forward to watching her thrive within the Starz family."

Ana Martinez

"My daughter did the creative movement trial class yesterday and absolutely loved it! The teacher was wonderful, the front desk was very helpful, and the owner was a pleasure. We signed up and are excited to see where this journey takes us."

Giselle Santana

"My granddaughter really enjoys the classes at STARZ. She is 4 now. My little one, 2, will be starting in September 2023."

Alice Mui

"We are so excited to be a part of the Starz family! We love the studio, and instructors. The communication is great, and the studio is beautiful. Thankful we found them!"

Samantha Perro

"My daughter loved it our trial class , she cried because she didn’t want to leave and we decided to enroll her in Ballet classes"

Thais Vecchio

"After many years at another studio, my daughter is now in her second season as a Starz dancer and we could not be happier. Her dancing has improved tremendously due to the time and attention given to her by each of her teachers. The staff is well trained in all genres, and they take the time to bring out the best in each dancer. The teachers and students alike are very welcoming and supportive, and everyone is treated like family. Starz Performing Arts Academy is a very well-run studio that I would highly recommend."

Maryann Pomponio

"Absolute professionals, the best of the best. My daughter has been growing so much because of them."

Tori Mclerney


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