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Here at Starz Performing Arts Academy, we don’t just offer lessons, we provide a galaxy full of possibilities. Discover our dancing dreamland to find the shining star in you.


Enter the enchanting world of movement through our fun-filled and exciting Preschool Program. Our seasoned instructors at Starz Performing Arts Academy guide youngsters (aged 2-5) to explore the basics of ballet and tap. This magical introduction is an excellent way of dancing discovery, developing flexibility, motor skills and precision.

AGES 5 – 21

As dancers grow, so as their love and passion for the art of action. These up and coming rising stars need a curriculum to transcend their abilities to greater heights. Our Youth Dance Program offers a suite of comprehensive classes specifically designed to refine technique, enhance artistic expression and foster personal growth. Dancers aged 5-21 are encouraged to explore the bliss of ballet, the thrill of tap and the funk in jazz. Step into a studio that never dims your light, here at Starz Performing Arts Academy.


For shining stars, the world is their stage. This supernova of talents needs to be showcased to the universe and that’s where our Competition Programs come into play. This program is where performers can showcase their skills and talent, from regional to national level. It’s not just about winning, it’s about harnessing the beauty of teamwork and shared goals. Join the collaborative and nurturing environment here at Starz Performing Arts Academy.


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