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Moving through magic for over 26 years, Starz Performing Arts Academy has transcended dance into its greater heights. Located at the heart of East Rutherford, New Jersey, we offer a dancing dreamland for individuals who want to bring out the stars in them.


For nearly two decades, Starz Performing Arts Academy has opened its doors for dreamers, seeking for a place where they can creatively express their true selves. Our journey of producing stars started with our simple mission: for individuals in all of ages to unlock their potential, embrace their uniqueness and shine with confidence. Many of our stars who are born from this haven, shined on University dance teams, NBA dance teams, University dance programs, professional theater companies and professional dance companies. Since then, we continuously offer 2 amazing performance opportunities for our dancing dynamites: a Holiday Spectacular (optional) and an amazing end of the year, Recital. In addition to that, we also offer 3 competitive dance teams that perform in regional and national dance competitions, providing spaces for students to continually shine.





Our studio is a safe space for individuals who want to discover their passion for movement, art and freedom. Step into our facility and discover four spacious studios, offering over 6700 square feet of room for both students and instructors to glide and thrive in every session. Our classes are scheduled from September to June, with additional offerings such as summer sessions, Holiday Day Camps, summer camps, and opportunities to join one of our two Competition teams. Our mirror covered studios will prepare you for the spotlight of your dreams.




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