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Kristina has been in the entertainment industry for most of her life, and has had the privilege of performing and choreographing all over the United States and the world. Kristina is a 1999 graduate of Montclair State University with degrees in dance and communication studies. She began her professional dance career during her senior year of college, as a dancer for the New Jersey Nets, andfrom there continued to perform for the New Jersey Storm, Everlast Dance Team, WNBA and NBA All Star teams, as well as various production companies in New York and New Jersey. Kristina took the knowledge she gained as a dancer, and went on to continue her career as a director and choreographer, first as director and choreographer for the New Jersey Nets Cheerleaders and then joining the National Basketball Association as Dance and Entertainment Coordinator.

During her time with the NBA, Kristina had the honor of working the 2004 Athens Olympic Games as a dancer, director and choreographer. The NBA took her all over the globe, to places such as Paris, Greece, Barcelona, Rome, Beijing, Shanghai, and Tokyo. While her career was very exciting and definitely full of incredible experiences, Kristina’s true passion always remained teaching and sharingher experience, love and passion of dance with her students. Kristina’s most proud and important rolesare as wife and mother. She sends a special thank you to her husband AJ and her kids Myles, Kyla & Kelsy


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